The Brikverse is a plastic construction toy universe.

I am currently making the editor tools.
I will be making a tactics style single player game, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Fallout Tactics, XCOM, various roguelikes.
While there will also be a sandbox style experience, that is not the end goal.

Editor Tools:
  • World Builder - edits the terrain, place trees and houses.
  • Brik Builder - create items from primitive briks.
  • Structure Builder - create houses.
  • Minifig Builder - character customizer, color, clothes, face etc...
  • Weapon Builder - create custom weapons, apply effects.
These editors save items as blueprints. If you make a house in the Structure Builder, you will then be able to add many copies of that to the game world.
All of the editing tools are available to both developers and players.

Revised: 11/17/15

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